Friday, July 18, 2008

Those carefree days....

Innocent Days by: Jonny Diaz
Why do I question what’s taking place
Whatever happened to innocent days
Days when I gladly walked by Your side
After the guilt but way before my pride

Why do I hide in places so small
Crowded with questions, no room at all
For all the big things You once had planned
My faith disappeared when I let go Your hand

Innocent faith/ innocent way/ an innocent heart/ filled with innocent praise

Unfailing love/ undeserved grace/
Please take me back to innocent days

Is Your forgiveness so deep and wide
That it would place me back at Your side
Why should You want me, why should You care
I don’t understand this love that You share

Lord, free my heart to feel, to touch, to see, to taste
Cover me with the robe, the garment of innocent praise

Do you remember those days when life was easy?? I'm so taken back by little children. I love watching my cousin Simon. This kid is so full of adventure and wonder. Anything he wants he can imagine it to be there. When it comes to trust he doesn't think twice about it. Simon knows that when he crosses the street he has to hold someones hand, so without thinking twice he grabs someones hand. He doesn't think about the fact that there could still be cars coming, he knows that once he grabs someones hand they are looking out for him. Why does he know this? Because he trusts them. When Simon is scared he runs to someone for comfort, knowing that they will protect him. Why does he run to them for protection? Because he trusts them.

I wish I was more like Simon. I wish that I could always run to God and not think twice. I wish that trusting God was easier than it is. Why do I second guess myself sometimes? I have no idea. I have never turned away from God, I just know how easy it is to want to pull the reigns back every now and then.

I want to go back to those days when I didn't second guess things. The days where I knew God always had the best plan for me. The days where my mind was full of wonder and adventure. I want to be more like Simon. Have the faith of a child.

"Please take me back to innocent days"

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