Thursday, July 17, 2008

Broken hearts and a bigger story

When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze into heaven for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal. ~Author Unknown

It amazes me that today in America relationships don't seem to mean anything to anyone anymore. Or at least after a relationship ends it's like they never even existed. How can that be? How can talk about a promising future and then move on so quickly? How can someone pretend that what they had with someone never existed? How can someone think that their flirting manners wouldn't be hurtful when they are slapped into someone's face? Why of all places would someone choose a church to break someone's heart all over again, even if they didn't know they were breaking it?

Heart break really is worse than it sounds. It's a one of those you can't breathe, you chest feels like someone is stabbing you type feelings. It's not very pleasant, but none the less you get over it. Obviously some easier than others. But as I sat last night with the feeling of heart break (again), I let God speak to me. Easy to do since I was in church, but he spoke to me in the ways of stories, probably because that's what the lesson was about. But the Professor in the video made a good point. He said we all suffer from Myopia (which in english in near-sightedness), meaning we very easily see our personally stories up close, but we over look God's bigger story. We can't truly be a part of God's bigger story unless we use our stories to be a stepping stone for others. We have to quit trying to do things our way and give into God's bigger plan.

So last night when I wanted to be sad and crushed I didn't let myself get that way, I looked to God. I didn't want to be sad, because it gets me nowhere. I didn't want to sit and dwell on the hurt, because it gets me nowhere. I wanted to think about God and not only my story, but his bigger story for me. My story was not written by me nor is it really about me. It was written by God with the help of all those (good and bad) who have come into my life over the years.

I have a dream on changing the world, one person at a time. My story can help do that. My broken heart can help others in the future. My experiences could possibly save someone from going through what I have been through. I didn't let this broken heart moment get me down. God picked me up fast and put my smile back on my face. No person in this world can bring me down enough that God can't save me. And that adds another chapter to my story and a page closer to God's bigger plan for me.


Rachel said...

Amazing...I struggle just with just the same thing. Seeing the bigger picture IS hard, especially when there has been a lot of pain along the way. In the Beth Moore Bible Study that I went to this was discussed a lot. Some of the things that just reached to my heart was that sometimes God uses the fight to strengthen muscles we'll need at the next level, hints our heart! "Those who sow in tears will reap with shouts of joy" Psalm 126:5 With any situation, painful or not, we can come out strong from it and it is part of God's wonderful and confusing plan! :) Our God is that of perfect timing and we will reap our perfect harvest through all the pain and suffering, it's one of His many promises! Something that I'll also mention that just puts my soul to rest is that everyone who has ever wronged you or done you harm, they deal with God in the end. It is out of our control and we do have to give it to the Lord in prayer COMPLETELY! I struggle bad at it but it does make me feel better to know that God will deal with them in the end!
I loved the quote at the beginning of this entry and really...our true love is that in heaven! I can't wait to meet Him and we are His brides and He will never break our hearts!
Thanks for all the prayers you're in mine as well! And you will def. be seeing pics soon (I hope, he's doing his own thing at the moment and I'm not a very patient person) lol

rockymountainpreacherchick said...

I keep discovering all of these blogs of my dearest friends! It's so great!
Love you!